Chessboard’s Core Services

What We Do

Chessboard Consulting is different because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Chessboard consultants do the hard work necessary to find the right solution for every client. We take time to learn and understand what makes each client’s challenge unique and create customized, results-driven solutions. We achieve successful outcomes for Chessboard clients through the four core services described below.

Employee Engagement Assessments

Understanding how your employees view their work environment and work experience is critical to creating action plans that effectively respond to employee relations issues, increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance. Chessboard’s Employee Engagement Assessment is a highly-effective tool for diagnosing employee relations issues and providing clear action plans designed to improve engagement and elevate organizational performance.

Leadership Training

Effective leadership is essential to any high-performing organizational culture and is the critical foundation of positive employee relations and high employee engagement. Chessboard’s leadership training and development modules are designed specifically to strengthen employee relations by improving key leadership skills and practices.

Crisis Resolution and Labor Strategy

Responding to and overcoming a challenge by organized labor can be a serious test for any organization. Chessboard Consulting is a recognized leader in supporting clients through any challenge involving union organizing and/or collective bargaining. Our unparalleled success in this area is the result of our positive approach which focuses on solving problems by bringing people together.

Communication and Organizational Effectiveness

All organizations deal with sensitive or painful transitions that can damage trust, undermine engagement and prompt employees to look outside of the organization for solutions. Chessboard consultants provide clients with communication strategies and support that foster trust, boost employee engagement and help clients achieve strategic objectives.

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