Chessboard Consulting, Inc. is a nationally recognized firm that helps clients improve employee engagement and organizational performance as well as support clients in responding to an employee relations or labor relations crisis.

For nearly three decades, clients in healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, retail and service industries have relied on Chessboard Consulting for results-driven strategies and customized solutions that deliver improved employee relations, increased engagement, higher productivity – and reduced vulnerability to union organizing.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” - Abraham Maslow

Chessboard Consulting is different because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Chessboard consultants do the hard work necessary to find the right solution for every client. We take time to learn and understand what makes each client’s challenge unique and create customized, results-driven solutions. So, how do we support our clients?


Good management involves things as simple as teaching employees about things they may not be aware of (or may not understand) and fixing things in the organization that just aren’t working. But where do you start? And, how do you identify the issues around which to teach and/or fix?

Understanding how your employees’ view their work environment and work experience is the critical first step in being able to create action plans that respond to employee relations issues, increase employee engagement and improve organizational performance.

Our Employee Relations Climate Assessment and 360 Degree Union Vulnerability Assessment are tools that diagnose employee relations issues and provide clear action plans designed to improve engagement and move your organization forward.

Chessboard’s climate assessment tools identify specific actions needed by:

Clearly identifying issues that impact employee engagement;

Presenting assessment results in a concise and actionable format;

Providing clear recommendations and priorities around “next steps;”

Providing ongoing support to ensure accountability and follow-through.


When it comes to employee engagement and union vulnerability, your leadership team can be your greatest asset…or your biggest liability.

Ineffective leadership is often directly related to lower engagement and increased vulnerability to union organizing. Effective leadership, on the other hand, is an essential element of any high-performing organizational culture, and a basic factor in positive employee relations and employee engagement. Organizations that invest in leadership skill development tend to experience higher employee engagement, lower turnover, and reduced vulnerability to union organizing.

Chessboard Consulting offers a series of leadership training modules designed specifically to strengthen employee relations by improving key leadership skills and practices. We have several first line supervisory skills training programs to support clients in all industries in developing positive employee relations skills of front line leaders. Chessboard also offers the Healthcare Leadership Training Series™, which fosters positive employee relations and union awareness skills necessary in a healthcare environment.


Has your organization been targeted by a union? Today, employers face the most hostile climate for labor organizing in more than 30 years.

A union organizing campaign or union-led negative public image campaign can drive a wedge between employees and leaders, disrupt organizational operations, damage relationships with customers, and leave a lasting mark on your organization. Responding correctly and appropriately to a union’s attack on your business is critical to your organization’s survival and success.

Chessboard Consulting supports clients in responding to union organizing campaigns by collaborating with each client to create solutions to the issues that are driving union vulnerability while simultaneously building the right leadership skills to meet the union challenge and take employee engagement higher. We believe in solving today’s challenges – and leaving our clients better positioned for long-term success.


Organizations that maintain a high-quality communications process naturally perform at a higher level, experience higher patient/customer satisfaction, and achieve above-average employee engagement.

In fact, at Chessboard we feel strongly that the maintenance of a formal communication process is essential to improving overall organizational performance. And, an effective communication strategy is especially important when going through periods of change (i.e., restructuring, mergers, etc.) or crisis (i.e., downsizing, plant closure, etc.). Ensuring that the right messages are delivered to both internal and external stakeholders is the key to successful organizational transitions.

Chessboard Consulting has worked to improve communication and organizational effectiveness for hundreds of clients. Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your organization’s current communications structure and strategic process. Our consultants then prepare a report with specific recommendations for improving the quality of communication in your organization and aligning the organization’s communications plan with important strategic goals and objectives. Chessboard’s consultants work collaboratively with clients to implement recommendations and achieve specific communication goals and objectives.