Communication & Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations that maintain a high quality communications process naturally perform at a higher level, experience higher patient/customer satisfaction, and achieve above average employee engagement. In fact, at Chessboard we feel strongly that the maintenance of strong communications with employees and other key stakeholders is essential to improving overall organizational performance.

Maintaining high quality communication is especially important when going through periods of change (i.e. restructuring, etc.) or crisis (i.e. downsizing, etc.). Ensuring that the right messages are delivered to both internal and external stakeholders is the key to successful transitions.

Chessboard Consulting has worked to improve communication and organizational effectiveness for hundreds of clients in the Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Service and Retail Industries. Our process for improving organizational communication and performance begins with a detailed assessment of your organization's current structure and strategic communications process. Our consultants then prepare a report with specific recommendations for improving the quality of communication in your organization and aligning the organization's communications plan with important strategic goals and objectives. Chessboard consultants work with clients to implement recommendations and work collaboratively with clients to achieve specific communication goals and objectives.

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